Sales Area Remodel

We have been making changes around AAA to produce a more conducive atmosphere for a productive work environment and a welcoming place to host our future equipment demos and events. As our owner Wade Timmermann says, “The day I walked into the AAA building I sensed the buildings inside was as old as the building. I thought: ‘wow, we have to do something to freshen this place up so I can recruit professional people to a place that is warm and inviting to our customers that we bring in and, most of all, improve the morale of our staff.’ It is simply amazing what a little paint and carpet will do to boost morale. This place is already glowing inside and out.”
The change is beginning with the remodeling of the Sales Area. We took out the old cubicles, panels, and workbenches and donated them to a local school district. We’re getting new and additional cubicles to support our growth.

The files and stacks of paperwork were scanned and organized in our DocuWare system and then the originals were taken to LifeStyles to be shredded. LifeStyles is a non-profit organization that helps people by offering programs for college for living, supporting employment, and supported living. One of their employment endeavors is shredding. Goodbye file cabinets!

Our old outdated and inefficient florescent lighting is coming down and recessed LED lighting is taking its place.

The cement floors are being cleaned to later be carpeted. And the walls are being painted a fresh new color to complement the décor.



Stay tuned to our social media for the final sales area reveal!