Are you familiar with print management?

If you are not familiar with print management, print management allows you to track your global print environment. It allows me to see who is printing what, where it’s being printed to, what types of documents that are being printed, whether the devices being printed to are efficient or inefficient, and from that point I can make smarter business decisions regarding the devices I may purchase in the future. Some of the super cool features are that it allows me to print reports for my management team review, it allows me to set up policies and/or quotas for my staff, it allows me to send a print job and instead of a physical print immediately, you can make the print request to hold at the printing device until it is authenticated with a username and password or a badge to release the print job. Another very cool feature is follow me print. When you hit print at the desktop, you can walk up to any printing device and the print job will release wherever you are. So if you’re meeting is in another building, you can print and pick up there instead of having to carry all of the papers with you from your office. Print management is very easy to setup and it’s an incredible product. We have proof of concepts available for those of you who might be interested.