Attention #Healthcare Industry! Looking for an immediate way to cut costs and enhance your #HIPAA compliancy?

For the second week, we are going to continue to touch on the Healthcare industry. One of the popular products we offer is eGoldfax.
eGoldfax does several things:
1.) It’s a solution to all of those analog phone lines that you’re paying $50 per line. All of those extra lines go away, immediately eliminating the cost.
2.) eGoldfax will digitally route all of your faxes, incoming and outgoing. Example situation: you can fax from your computer, and inbound faxes come straight to your email.
3.) eGoldfax archives all of your faxes for up to 10 years, which is beneficial to the healthcare industry, especially if you are trying to enhance your HIPAA compliance.
Faxing is still relevant today, especially in the healthcare industry, where staying HIPAA compliant is imperative. If you’re interested in a digital faxing solution, contact us at 800-909-4185, and we’re happy to partner with you.