ARE you checking your #technology vendors references before giving them the keys to your castle?

Two days ago, I was with a current client, and their contract with us is up for renewal. The client tells me we need to get other bids to make sure we are getting the best value. I said to them that I understand entirely and actively encourage it.
However, my client doesn’t know how terrible the service is of the vendor he’s entertaining. The next day I get a phone call from a different potential client, saying, “Man, I got to get out of my current contract with my vendor.
Can you help me?” We set up a meeting to see what he has, the contract, and the current vendor to see if there is an opportunity to offer better value for his organization. Well, you’ll never guess who their current vendor is. It’s the same vendor my current client is entertaining a bid from. The point is: for all of your decision-makers out there, we encourage you to go out and get competitive bids from other vendors, but we also highly encourage you to check their references.
References will make or break your decision. If you would like a FREE print assessment, please contact us. We’ll see if we can bring you value!