Beware of Shopping Online for Your Office Technology

Online shopping can be deceiving. Sometimes prices for products are lower than what an office technology business quotes them. As the customer, you need to consider what all is in that online price, such as, warranty and what coverage is included, installation, and training on how to use the equipment. For example, if your product comes with a warranty, ask how long the warranty covers the machine and how much is included with it. If you prefer not installing the product on your own or would instead pass this on to professionals for accuracy and speed, make sure the company you purchase through will set up your print drivers, scanning, network, and more. Also, new products are cumbersome to teach yourself how to use before you can instruct the end users. Not to mention, how time-consuming it would be out of your schedule. Moreover, if your staff changes, new employees come aboard, you’ll need to take time to instruct them too on how to use your products.
When you purchase with AAA Business Systems, you’re not just buying the product, but also peace of mind with everything that goes into that product. Our products, especially ones with a service contract, will include toner, parts, labor, installation, and training. Even training later on if your staff changes.  You don’t have to worry about anything, least of all making time out of your busy schedule to install, repair, or train.