Are you buying your technology from a local business? If not, why not?

In the past few weeks, I have met with school districts and other industries, and their current vendors are technology vendors out of the state of Arkansas. In many cases, they did not realize that, and here’s why:
Their local vendor has a regional sales office. But this means every dollar you spend with that company goes to support the local economy of their corporate office. When you are interviewing a potential technology vendor, ask them where their corporate office is. That will give you some insight into your vendor, allow you to let their corporate location weigh in on the decision of whether or not to purchase from them.

We have prospects who purchase directly from the manufacturer because they think they can get a better deal or service, and that’s not the case. AAA Business Systems has tenure in their service department of over 14 years. When you have to opportunity to buy from a local technology vendor, please support your local economy.