Digitize Your Paper


How would you like to take all of those documents lying around on your desk, cluttering up your file cabinets, your heavy paper-intensive workflow, and manual processes, that all of that, and digitize it?

Well, we have a solution for you called DocuWare. DocuWare does a couple of things to start:
1.) It takes all of your file cabinets full of paper in your organization and digitizes it.
Think of it this way, instead of manually trying to find a file or a piece of paper; you can type in a keyword. That information pulls up immediately on your desktop—basically, its an internal search engine for your organization.
2.) It takes all of your paper-intensive manual processes and digitizes that. If you have specific forms that need to be filled out, those forms go through a manual process. They are filled out, and the information is entered into several systems, which can be time-consuming. They usually need to be signed off on by multiple people and eventually is filed away in a dirty file cabinet. But with intelligent indexing through DocuWare, it would allow you to scan those documents or forms directly into your multifunctional device or scanner. Then DocuWare would convert that information into digital format and automatically populate that information into your multiple systems, thus, taking away that headache of trying to enter information into various systems. How convenient and automated is that?
If you have been considering getting into a digital transformation, DocuWare is entirely customizable and can be on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. If you’re interested in learning more and if it can help your organization, give us a call: 800-909-4185