Intelligent Machines



Hey IT professionals, IT directors, technology coordinators! We know you have a couple of concerns that come up often, like,

  1. Are the devices on your network truly secure? We answer this with intelligent machines that come out of the box with the ability to update security patches in real-time, and you can control that. If you want to set updates to take place at night and while everyone’s away, you can. If you’re going to set them up to update in real-time while everyone is working, you can. You have complete control, and your machines are always updated to the latest security protocols.  
  2. Are you looking for technology that is future proof and easy to use? Our intelligent machines come out of the box with several great features. For example, they have:
    1. Scan to email with zero configuration
    2. Convert hard copies to editable, searchable digital format
    3. Print from tablets or smartphones
    4. Scan directly to many popular cloud applications

It doesn’t get any more simple than that. We provide intelligent machines that are easy to use, the latest technology that is future proof, and reputable service.