Compliance & Risk Management: DocuWare offers it all

Discussed in last week’s blog was the benefits of DocuWare for Accountants, but we didn’t cover the ample security DocuWare provides.  However, the security doesn’t prevent full control.  No matter where the document is in its life cycle, it stays completely accessible at all times.  Effective controls can be placed into your everyday processes. With full control, you still have rights to add to accountants having a cross check and protection against errors. In addition to full control, DocuWare provides compliance and risk management. 

Compliance: Whether you have GDPR or Sarbanes-Oxley concerns, DocuWare works strictly with your reporting requirements and accounting processes.  Documents are stored according to your legal requirements to prevent troublesome audits or liability issues.  A breach-less software system, DocuWare protects against prohibited access with multiple encryption layers to ensure what’s yours stays safe. 

Risk Management: If you decide to use DocuWare as a cloud solution, you have the benefit of your documents being safely stored in a multi-tiered backup at DocuWare’s significant Microsoft Azure data center, which protects your documents from on location disasters, such as theft, fire, flood, and other possible business loss disasters.