DocuWare: An Accountant’s Dream

Every accounting office scans documents to be used in their workflow. However, the problems arise after they are scanned in.  Here are the two biggest issues with organization every Accountant faces and how DocuWare solves these problems to increase productivity and decrease frustration.

  1. Can’t Find the Document I Just Scanned.

Transparency is what DocuWare brings to the table. The software is intelligent by the invoicing process in which it collects, sorts and stores all document formats and then distributes them correctly to predetermined employees.  An advantage to accounting departments is how this intelligent indexing feature works on mobile and business apps allowing your team to stay alert of arising issues and keep accurate records.

Versatility is another positive attribute to DocuWare.  It flawlessly works with SAP, Navision, Quickbooks, and other popular financial accounting programs.  Not only is it possible to store and search for documents in DocuWare from your accounting software, but you can take those documents and input them into your accounting programs, like record numbers, amounts, and account information, without any issue.  DocuWare reads your document when it captured and then transfers the data automatically to prevent unnecessary work or possible errors.

  • Inefficiency Is Costing Us.

Efficiency is a huge plus for using DocuWare. Companies have managers with requirements to sign off on an invoice for payment.  Sometimes, these approvals can take a long time, costing the company as it waits for payment.  DocuWare allows you to send invoices electronically to be approved and send reminders in a timely manner.   And no matter where the approval needs to come from – right beside you or on the road – with the versatility of the software, accounting departments can get the needed approval anytime, anywhere.  Because of DocuWare being mobile, approvals aren’t the only benefit.  Companies are becoming increasingly more mobile with their employees always on the go.  With that comes the usual roadblock of inputting documents on time.  DocuWare prevents sluggish workflows by allowing employees to input documents with their phone and free app. Once it’s scanned in, DocuWare takes care of the rest, allowing your accounting office to keep accomplishing more for your business.   

If you’re interested in seeing DocuWare in person and the full benefit for your accounting team, please email us for an invitation to our next Lunch and Learn on February 13th for Northwest Arkansas and February 14th for Central Arkansas: