Traditional Fax Machines versus Goldfax

Just because the fax machine dates back to the 1840s doesn’t mean that your fax process has to be over 150 years old too.  I’m sure that Alexander Bain, the English inventor of the fax machine, won’t be offended if you update your process for better security and convenience.  Today’s faxing processes, like Goldfax, doesn’t even need an actual fax machine.  With Goldfax, you can send faxes from:

• Any desktop application: With Goldfax providing a virtual printer on your network, you can print to the Goldfax printer, be prompted for the fax number, and send.

• Any email: Attach your document to an email with Goldfaxs’ web client interface, choose your contact, enter your message, and send.

• Any Multifunctional Printer/Copier (MFP): When your MFP is connected to Goldfax, walk up, scan, select your contact, and send.

• Production applications: With Goldfax’s keywords in your applications, you can send faxes.  Use with internal application for billing, purchasing, Crystal Reports, SAP, Oracle Financials, and more.

Receiving faxes is easy without a fax machine too and it prevents security issues of documents sitting on fax machines.  Receive by:

• Goldfax inboxes: Goldfax Windows client and web browser interface is equipped with an inbox for each user.  Faxes are routed to specified users either manually or using Goldfax routing rules.  Users can create folders to manage their inbound faxes. 

• Email inboxes

• Printers and MFPs

• Network folders and document management systems

You don’t need a special phone system for Goldfax because it can dial a fax number directly or through any phone system.  It can route faxes bases on DID or DNIS numbers, DTMF tones, and TSID or CSID numbers.  Goldfax also works very well with Voice Over IP (VOIP).  The Goldfax fax modem is plugged into your PBX’s gateway (analog, digital, or FOIP) where it connects to the outside telephone network.  And if you want to bypass a telephone system altogether, you can opt for the Goldfax Cloud Telephone Service, which only requires internet access to send and receive faxes. 

With all the convenience and security wrapped up in Goldfax, this definitely isn’t your ancestor’s fax machine.  If you want to learn about the savings from switching to Goldfax or to see a demo, call or email us.