Demystifying Managed IT Services

Your IT is always an investment you expect to work properly and bring you a return with all the profit you’re striving for.  Downtime equals lost profit and that’s not good for business.  You need confidence in your IT hardware and software and a team of professionals to make your technology efficient.  Managed IT Services, whether you have an IT department or not, provides protection and assurance in your IT investment.  Managed IT Services is a flat monthly fee providing you with proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to eliminate costly repairs.  Your systems are monitored constantly in real time so problems are caught before downtime can become an issue, which allows your IT department to focus on tasks that are important to the growth of your business.  With Managed IT services, an expert team monitors your IT remotely to prevent disruptions onsite and this is just the beginning. 

Small businesses need extra support, especially with their information technology.  This is where they can benefit from an IT Consultant.  An IT Consultant provides you with an expert backed by a team who give you advice based on advanced training and years of experience.  Your IT Consultant becomes familiar with your IT setup, such as how your employees use their computers to perform tasks and how you serve your customers, so you’re given a detailed overview.  An IT Consultant prioritizes the right IT solutions based on known technology standards and practices for your business.  With these consulting services, your IT Consultant covers the complete scope from planning and procurement to implementation and ongoing management. 

Every business needs network security and backup/disaster recovery.  Sensitive and confidential information about your customers and employees doesn’t need to fall into unauthorized hands.  We’ve all heard the scary stories of companies falling prey to security breaches, which can cause expensive losses and a negative company image. Managed IT Services offers a network security plan which specifies what network activities are acceptable and which ones are not, email and email attachment protection, antivirus protection, identity safeguard, password protection, and encryption.  Managed IT Services also addresses HIPAA compliance security standards with a thorough risk assessment and threat analysis, security recommendations, protection of electronic health information, HIPAA security training and employee compliance training, and full support from a team of dedicated experts. 

A disaster recovery plan protects you from information lost.  Downtime and recovery are expensive and can be prevented with a plan.  Backup and Disaster Recovery from your Managed IT Services provider gives you a two-stage backup process set to a schedule best for you.  For example, our partner, Business Network Services, has one backup sent to local storage and a second pushed to a secure cloud location for redundancy.  Backup and Disaster Recovery also encrypts your data to protect it from unauthorized users and creates a virtual server, application, and data so you have access all the time.

As business continues for you, with Managed IT Services, you need a plan.  IT interruptions come in many forms, severe weather, environmental disasters, power outages, hacker attacks, and human error.  When critical issues happen, you’re still able to continually deliver services and/or products to your customers/clients.  With this Business Continuity Plan in place, you have a proactive backup solution which eliminates liabilities, safely covers all systems, and helps your business get back up and running quickly in case of dire situations. 


Last, offices are becoming more versatile than the four walls and the cubicles they once were constricted to.  A Managed IT Service provider knows how to make it easy for your employees to share, edit, and publish documents on a secure unified system with cloud services.  Cloud services deploy and customize your needs and allow scalability to adapt to business requirements.  Cloud services also cut out the cost of managing your own server, while still providing you with configurations of firewalls and VPNs.  However, if you have your own server, a Managed IT provider migrates assistance for existing servers.  This is to provide seamless collaboration anywhere your team is located and giving them enhanced applications accessibility and mobility. 

If you’re intrigued to find out how Managed IT Services can help you further your business goals and make the most of your IT investment, click on our webpage to discover more about what us and our partner, Business Network Solutions, can offer you.