Hire School Staff Using DocuWare Processes

Private, Public, and Charter schools all have one thing in common: their staff is constantly changing.  A shortage of staff members is a detriment to the function of a school. Schools are turning to DocuWare to handle their numerous work processes, including the organization of resumes for new staff members.  Many of our school districts are our largest employers and yet, the paper workflows can be simplified for principals to fill positions with a more streamlined efficiency. 

No more manual sorting through emails or paper documents.

Using DocuWare, documents can be licensed by name, license, and qualifications.  Plus, they are stored in their own DocuWare virtual file cabinet to keep them separate from other important documents.  Hiring officials can quickly narrow down the applicants by searching for individuals with specific qualification fitting the desired position’s requirements. 

No more wasted time spent finding and refiling documents.

Your administration department can make a workflow for every paper-based work process in their day.  We have experts that come to you the day of install to help you create these workflows and train your staff on how to use them.  Our experts are also available for future assistance and trainings should your needs change. 

Security and beyond.

Student records, transcripts, special education records, Board of Education records, staff files, payroll, and other school official documents are safely stored on an onlocation, cloud-based, or a hybrid server complete with added protection to keep your documents secure and your IT department satisfied. 



DocuWare is completely tailored to your school’s, district’s, or university’s budget with options of implementing to give you the most out of your investment.  Join us at our next lunch and learn this month as we listen to the DocuWare expert, Scott, whom we have partnered with to assist you with questions you have.  Details and an RSVP link can be found here: https://www.aaabm.com/events/.  Also, ask us about our DocuWare free trial software to make sure DocuWare is a good fit for your school.