How to Save Your Prints from Copy Lines

This week’s video had Andy discussing a common, but frustrating problem: lines on your copies. But with this problem, he also provided a quick and easy solution. The first issue to rule out is that your slit glass is dirty. When you open your document feeder, you will notice a small rectangular piece of glass around the size of 1in by 12in.


As you can see from Andy’s example, whiteout was the culprit this time and often is, when it isn’t dry before scanning. Sometimes it can be blots of ink, so even if you don’t see anything there, it won’t hurt to clean the glass just to be safe.
Cleaning the Glass.
Andy’s first preference is rubbing alcohol, but if you are on short supply, window cleaner and a little more elbow grease does the trick too. Take a soft cloth and apply your alcohol (or window cleaner) to the cloth, not the glass. Make sure you don’t spray directly on the copier and only to the soft cloth to prevent any damage being done to the machine. Wipe down the slit glass. After you have done this, you can try your copy again. If it’s still making lines across your print, it may be time to place a call to your technician because a more serious problem may be the issue. However, often, this will correct your problem.