I MADE a Mistake

Last year I made a huge mistake. I took my SUV into the dealership after it was giving me some problems, and they gave me a quote. The dealership gave me a price to fix it. The dealership is always more expensive, but they fix it. I thought I’d find someone who could give me a cheaper quote and save me the trouble of having to spend that money, and they’ll probably do a decent job. So I took the SUV to another mechanic that did it for a 1/3 of the price. And today, one year later, I’m having the same issue that I had a year ago, and I spent 1/3 of the cost for nothing. My point of this video is to ask you if you’re doing the same thing in your business? Are you going to the dealership, like AAA Business Systems, for your technology needs, or are you going to a place that doesn’t back their equipment with service and education on the products? The other place may offer a third of the price, but a year from now, are you going to wish you went to an office technology dealer to get equipment backed by guarantees and experience.