Do you have a TROJAN HORSE sitting within your organization?


How many remember the movie, Troy? Do you remember how the Greeks ultimately infiltrated the city of Troy? If you do, then you know they built a Trojan horse in which Troy came out after the Greeks had supposedly left, and they took into their city the Trojan horse as a prize for winning the war. The Greeks put a team of soldiers inside the Trojan horse, and when they were safely inside Troy, they burst out and destroyed the city. The point is to ask: do you have technology in your organization that is five years old or older? If you do, you potentially have a Trojan horse sitting inside your organization. Security is a hot topic today with all of the constant threats, and with an older machine, you could have a Trojan horse sitting inside your organization waiting to attack your business from the inside out. If you do, consider updating your machines. Give us a call to discuss your security concerns, and we’ll partner with you to make sure a Trojan horse doesn’t threaten your company’s sensitive data.