#InteractiveDisplays: What are they, and how can they improve the #education industry?

In the last week couple of weeks, we discussed what the CARES act means for schools and how commercial-grade displays and digital signage are helping to alert your students, parents, and faculty of important news. This week we will discuss interactive displays. What is an interactive display? How is it going to help my school or university? Imagine a commercial-grade display combined with a tablet and a PC, all bundled up into one device. It will help you in the classroom and the conference room. Suppose the teacher, professor, or instructor is giving a lesson to the students. You can make notes on display on top of the material, and your students can link into that presentation through their Chromebooks or tablets.
Everything on the screen the teacher is working on is the exact thing the students will see on their devices. As the teacher or instructor edits or draws on the board, it’s editing in real-time on the student’s devices. If the teacher says “what’s 5+5”, and a student raises their hand and answers the question, the student can write ten on their device, and the answer shows up on everyone’s device, including the interactive whiteboard. All of this technology can be purchased from our education contracts, which means you qualify for substantial discounts for interactive displays.
They can be mounted to the wall or placed on a rolling cart if you want them to move from classroom to classroom.
Let us know if you’re ready to enhance your classroom.