Managed IT Services gives you QBRs

Last week, we discussed another key term in helping you find a Managed IT Service provider with the importance of having proactive IT management. This week we’re discussing QBRs, but…
What is a QBR? A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is scheduled by your Managed Service Provider (MSP) to talk about your business – future plans, goals, problems, and solutions – and how we, your MSP, fits into the equation. We help educate our clients on their long-term plans and assist with hidden opportunities for progression in their plans on the technology side.
A QBR is meant to discuss:
a plan to handle new employees’ computers, software, and licenses needed, upgrades, etc;
Information Technology (IT) budget;
IT reports, including your return on investment (ROI);
Phases of implementation
Major IT roadblocks to your success and solutions on them
Results from the previous 90 days on progress
and more, depending upon the business’ needs
A QBR isn’t a mandatory meeting, but the offer from your MSP to have a QBR should be there. A QBR is a strategic meeting and it allows you and your MSP a chance to see what is working and what isn’t, whether your ROI is in your favor or not, and if you’re reaching your business goals using someone to manage your IT. In turn, you’re creating a successful partnership with a company who has you’re goals at heart. Along with looking for a MSP that promises proactive IT management, verify they offer a QBR, as well.