Intelligent Machines

    Hey IT professionals, IT directors, technology coordinators! We know you have a couple of concerns that come up often, like, Are the devices on your network truly secure? We answer this with intelligent machines that come out of the box with the ability to update security patches in real-time, and you can control […]

Demystifying Managed IT Services

Your IT is always an investment you expect to work properly and bring you a return with all the profit you’re striving for.  Downtime equals lost profit and that’s not good for business.  You need confidence in your IT hardware and software and a team of professionals to make your technology efficient.  Managed IT Services, […]

3 Ways to Keep Data Safe

We’re all familiar with hackers, cyber-attacks, and information breaches and we know they don’t just exist in the movies. However, what is never discussed is how to prevent them from happening in the first place. 1.) Disaster Recovery Plan – These are created to work in conjunction with a business continuity plan. Technology recovery must […]

AAA’s One Stop Shop: Britt Dickerson

Do you remember the computer technology of the 1990’s? Intel’s Pentium microprocessor was released in the middle of the 90s, giving the capabilities of music and graphics on computers. With the Apple’s Newton being shipped out for the first time, Apple enters the PDA market with handwriting recognition software. And the early to mid- 90’s, […]

The Importance of a Technology Refresh Plan

When you’re looking for managed IT services, another perk you should ensure your vendor gives you is a technology refresh plan. However, the old adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” probably still weighs in on your business decisions. The false appearance of a healthy bottom line by NOT updating your technology is just […]

Managed IT Services gives you QBRs

Last week, we discussed another key term in helping you find a Managed IT Service provider with the importance of having proactive IT management. This week we’re discussing QBRs, but… What is a QBR? A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is scheduled by your Managed Service Provider (MSP) to talk about your business – future plans, […]