Moving and Installation

You’ve ordered your multifunctional copier (MFP) and you wonder what happens next in your AAA Business Systems partnership.  There are a series of steps to make the transition of a new machine being set up at your office as easy as possible for you and your business. 

Site Survey

Our AAA team will schedule a time convenient to you for us to come out and complete a Site Survey.  Our Site Survey includes ensuring power outlet, network, and fax connections are ready and you have the required space available for your new MFP to run efficiently.  While we are at your location, we will ask questions about your network infrastructure, such questions you can expect are: How many computers (Windows or Mac) will be printing to the new MFP?  Will we be installing the print drivers locally or on a server? What type of scanning will you be using? Do the users of the computers have admin rights? Once we have received your responses and answered any questions you may have, we will back up the information on the old MFP (if one is present) to make the transition of settings to the new MFP easier on your business.

Setup of the New MFP

Upon arrival of the new MFP to our location, we call you immediately and schedule a time for delivery.  While we are scheduling your delivery date, our team goes to work on customizing it to your business needs based on the Site Survey.  We preload the information you and your old MFP gave us to help the installation go smoother promising you less downtime. 

Delivery Day

When we arrive at your business location where the new MFP is being installed, we will ask for a main contact to have for our records.  Our team will unload the MFP and set it up at the location already prepped for the new MFP.  Depending on your situation, we will try to leave your current MFP connected until we have everything ready to connect the new MFP.  After we install the drivers and test the scanning features, we will ask the main contact if any training is needed on the new MFP.  Once the training is completed for your employees and all questions have been answered, the main contact signs the paperwork and receives a free welcome gift for becoming a business partner with us.