Equipment Maintenance Plan

Blinking light.  A paper jam.  Your new multifunctional copier will not print because of a paper jam, but you’re unsure exactly on how to remove it from the copier, even with the displayed instructions.  You need help.  When you purchase equipment with AAA Business Systems, we offer an Equipment Maintenance Plan, too. 

What is an Equipment Maintenance Plan? 

An Equipment Maintenance Plan is an all-inclusive plan which includes toner, parts, and labor.  Therefore, should your device need supplies, service, or repair – we have you covered.  The Equipment Maintenance Plan includes a loaner guarantee if your equipment needs extensive service repair.  A loaner comparable to your device is delivered and set up at your office in place of your equipment at no charge until your equipment is repaired and returned.  Under this plan we have a “No Lemons Guarantee”; in the rare case the installed equipment turns out to be damaged or defective, we replace your equipment with a new unit at no charge to the client.  Plus, our service department has an average tenure of over 14 years’ experience amongst our service technicians, which is unparalleled anywhere in the state.  We also employ the only G7 Certified Master Technician in the state, which means that he is a color expert and an asset to our production equipment.  The additional cost of the Equipment Maintenance Plan spreads the expense over months, making budgeting easier on our clients.  A client can expect a set of toner, especially on a color machine can run in excess of $750.00.  However, under the Equipment Maintenance Plan, this cost is covered, as well as, any other supplies, parts, and all labor.  The only exception is the Equipment Maintenance Plan does not cover paper and staples.  As part of our Green Initiative and simplification for our client, we combine the lease and Equipment Maintenance Plan into one monthly payment and invoice you.  However, once your lease is up, and the machine is yours, the small fee is a stand-alone item that has no expiration date.  We will continue to supply and service your equipment as long as you would like.  Once you no longer want this service on your equipment, you provide 30 day written notification and we will cancel your invoices.  The Equipment Maintenance Plan is just one more way we partner with you for success of your business.