Printers: Laser vs. Inkjet?

You need a small desktop printer, but you can’t decide whether you want a laser or inkjet. What’s the difference really? They are almost the same price and you just need something dependable that will do the job well. The differences between laser and inkjet are more than just toner and cartridges. Business needs: First […]

Paper Margin Shift

You have mere moments before you’re late to your next meeting. You rush to the copier, your coffee swishing dangerously close to the edge with each stride you make. Your hands are laden heavy with documents and you just need one copy of a chart. You unload your burden to a desk nearby and make […]

Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan

This past weekend our sales representative Nestor Magdaleno gave a great tutorial and this may interest many of you, especially if you store a lot of documents in the cloud or on your phone (like the 500 pictures you can’t bear to delete but never find time to download). Ricoh has a mobile app called […]

Technology in the Classroom: A+

The education industry is more focused on educating than on what efficient tools they need to run it. The expectations are set high and we understand that. Educators in schools, universities, and colleges need fast, reliable equipment to print their countless sets of worksheets, but not be charged a ton of money. Cost effective is […]