Simplify Your Work Environment

Simplify your office equipment without sacrificing your work productivity

Above, you can see an example where every computer is tethered to a printer. What you can’t see is where employees must take their documents to a centrally located fax machine, scanner (which is also tethered to a computer), or the centrally located copier for all of those documents you forgot you needed more copies of right before your meeting.  In contrast, below, the one multifunctional copier (MFP) solves all work processes in one streamline flow.

Our recent post from Ricoh about a Case Study made a point about the Department of Ecology’s problematic print environment.  They stated, “Without a printer map, no one knew exactly where printers were installed.  And decision-makers had no idea how much it cost to buy, run, and maintain the print environment – let alone determine how much time was spent printing or waiting for print jobs”.  This statement has proved to be an issue for many of our clients in the past.  The case study goes on to solve the issue by installing Multifunctional Copiers (MFPs) centrally for the department.  Here are reasons why that is important:

1.    MFPs offer more than printers.  MFP combines print, copy, scan, and fax into one machine.  This is great for improving workflow and reducing costs of extra machines.

2.    MFPs cost less in the long run.  The cost per page with an MFP is quite a bit lower than the cost per page on a desktop printer.  Plus, you’re only maintaining one machine versus several, which saves costs on not only the maintenance; but also, the supplies and electricity.

3.    Reduce the environmental footprint.  Going green is great if you can see the difference.  One MFP in a central location can be easily monitored to prevent paper waste and wear on the machine.

4.    Working with one vendor for your central MFPs to consolidate your service, billing, supplies, and support is easier to contend with than having purchased printers from your local box office store.

5.    And when you’re ready to retire your MFP, a vendor will securely remove the machine, conscious of the sensitive information saved to it.  Whereas, if you were to just throw away your old printer, you put your organization at risk of information theft.

Working with a vendor to create a solid printer map for  you and your employees results in a better organizational plan for you and your employees to provide efficiency inside your workflows and reducing costs on your bottom line.