Manage Your Class and Let Us Manage Your IT

Technology is expected to be integrated into the classroom, but teachers number one concern isn’t keeping their technology up and going. We can take care of your IT needs from servers and networks, to tablets, video conferencing, and popular learning management systems and education apps, like Google, Office 365, Blackboard, PowerSchool, SMART boards,  and eBeam to name a few.

Our team is capable of full school IT management and assist with time sensitive projects to make sure your focus stays on the students.

AAA Business Systems partners with a Ricoh company, mindSHIFT, to bring you several IT services, such as:

Device Management– phones, tablets, laptops, and the list goes on. Sometimes it’s too much to have one person who can understand and troubleshoot all of them. Let our team of experts be that person for you . We can keep all devices up, running, and secure.

Server & Network Management– backed by mindSHIFT’s “iron-clad secure network and scalable server management services”, we can promise uptime and 24/7/365 support, including holidays.  Your IT, teachers, and administrators will always be supported and ready for whatever the day holds for them.

Hosting & Cloud (Private, Public, and Hybrid) – whatever your preference is – private, public, or hybrid of the two – hosting and your documents will stay secure and uncorrupted with our support in place.

Disaster Recovery & Backup – off-site and redundancy backup made for critical data, like students’ information.

Website & apps – computer and mobile designed for you to easily reach parents & students with imperative information.

Security & Compliance – we begin with assessments to measure risks associated with vulnerability and cyber security.  Afterward we provide security for devices, network, and email in the form of anti-malware, patching, encryption, firewalls, monitoring, and alerts.

For a complete assessment about the managed IT services AAA Business Systems can offer for your school, university, community college, and more, contact us. We can keep your sensitive information and technology protected while staying in your allotted budget.