The Importance of a Technology Refresh Plan

When you’re looking for managed IT services, another perk you should ensure your vendor gives you is a technology refresh plan. However, the old adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” probably still weighs in on your business decisions. The false appearance of a healthy bottom line by NOT updating your technology is just that, false. An investment on a great technology refresh plan will give you money on your bottom line and many more benefits.
1. Cost Savings. Yes, you save more by refreshing your Information Technology. It’s hard to believe, but once you start to think of all the nickel and diming support to old software and hardware and downtime costs you (not to mention the risk of angry customers by your machine’s incompetence). Combine the newer technology with a strong technology plan and you have an unstoppable force that prevents emergencies and unpredictable IT costs.
2. Easy to Implement. When you hand the fate of your IT over to trained professionals, your plan is readily available at a price point you like. Look for a company with good standing and longevity in the market.
3. Uniformity. Your expectations of your employees are constantly tested when each person’s technology setup is different. Having the same basic software and hardware for everyone makes it easier for support and employee productivity.
When considering managed IT services, a technology refresh plan should be included in your vendor’s promise along with proactive IT management and QBRs. All of these will help keep you from unnecessary expenses and unplanned problems.