Today’s Homework: Know Thy Cloud

Cloud migration isn’t a new concept and many companies are switching over to cloud based services because they trust in its stability. But a huge mistake that’s being made in this trust is when companies or governments don’t do their homework prior to choosing a reliable company to host and monitor their data. Here are some basic things to consider before or while reevaluating your cloud services:
1.) Check your cloud based vendor on documented policies and procedures. Your third-party vendor should at least meet, if not exceed, industry standards.
2.) The cloud services vendor should have continuous security and compliance monitoring. With this, your data should have a formal risk assessment that specifies risks based on threats and specified tolerances performed on a regular basis.
Basically, choose your provider wisely with a firm understanding of how your data will be monitored, where it will be stored, and how it will be protected. For a more in-depth free analysis on your data risks, call or email AAA Business Systems.