Why Paperless Is So Popular

The need to use paper will never go away completely. To say that an office is completely paperless may be a little extreme, but speeding up document processes by automating them or increasing productivity because documents can be found faster are two huge attributes to saying yes to a paperless office. A few more reasons include:
Print Management. It would be nice to be able to track the number of pages each person prints. The education industry is one example that benefits from this since many teachers are only allotted so many prints per month.
Fewer Printers. I’m sure it’s funny for an office dealer to suggest fewer printers, but if you want to get a handle on your printer costs we suggest purchasing one multifunctional printer capable of higher print volumes in a central location.
Faster Processes. Getting rid of physically signing documents and moving to a digital signature helps speed along processes. Ask yourself, when you sign a document, is your first nature to respond to an email and send or find it on your desk, sign it, and mail it? If you prefer email, document management may be your answer to a faster process.
If becoming more eco-friendly by reducing paper wasted doesn’t come easy, don’t fret. Make a plan to move away from paper waste, take up the opportunity to use DocuWare’s roadmap to instill a paperless culture in your office, and allow greater digitization to assist your office. It’s not only going to make your office more green, but you’ll also see more green on your bottom line.