Indications of Great Customer Service

What makes up great customer service? First, dependability is a good place to start. You should be able call and get a quick solution. It’s even better when you have a local place who can dispatch service calls in case your solution needs more attention than what a phone call can take care of for you. When you call AAA Business Systems, you get an actual person not an automated system asking you to press this button and looping you around. For your convenience, you can also place a call through our website and during business hours, you can count on us to answer. If you have a problem that can’t be solved remotely, we will log a service call for you. When we log a service request, your preassigned technician gets a text message telling him which machine of yours is having problems, where the machine is located, and how to contact you. When the service call is placed, it is designated as either a courtesy call (you may have said it was no rush, you placed in the last toner and you’re requesting more, or the preventative maintenance lights are on, etc.)
or an emergency (EM) call (you called because the machine is malfunctioning, you are unable to perform a task, etc.).

Another great attribute is clear communication skills. For example, our techs are able to “dispatch” to the call from their phones. Once they dispatch, you will receive an email stating the tech’s name and confirming they are on their way with an estimated time and why they are coming (from the reason you placed the call in the first place). After the call is resolved, the tech marks it complete from his phone. A notification of the completion is emailed to you (the caller) and will let you know we believe the call to be complete (or on hold for parts). If you need further service, we will state in the email how you can proceed.
Great customer service means always being prepared. Our company ensures this by having our techs carry “car stock” with them. “Car stock” is the basic tools, equipment, and information they need to handle most situations so they can move from customer to customer quickly. All the while, giving your call the utmost attention it deserves. For the last 15 to 20 years, we’ve armed our technicians with the latest technology…from laptops and now iPhones. This transition has made it possible for the tech to not only dispatch and complete calls, but check their inventory, a near-by techs inventory, or our warehouse inventory to get the part you need in the quickest amount of time. They can contact managers or even the manufacturer to garner the latest service bulletins.

And where would great customer service be without an experience level to back it up? Our technicians know what to look for before they approach your machine. They don’t practice trial and error, but have confidence when handling your investment. Combined, our technicians have 170 years in the industry.
Search for a company that says their goal orientated focus is giving their best for you. That’s what we want to give our customers. We want you to depend on us to be there every time you need us. We promise to have clear communication with you during every time that need arises. And our experienced technicians and office are prepared to put you and your investment first.