Why We Chose DocuWare and Why You Should Too

When, why, what, and Ware?


When? We just partnered with DocuWare software because we found great reasons to do so.  We have spent the last five months of intensive training with them to understand how they work .  You’re probably wanting to know more about DocuWare at this point.  So here we go. They have been in business since 1988 and have become one of the world’s leading document management software companies.  But why DocuWare?

Why? We chose DocuWare for these reasons:  Not only has DocuWare been in business for a long time and our new owner has years of experience with installing DocuWare with lots of satisfied customers, but DocuWare has a record of over 125,000 users within 14,000 installations whether it’s a cloud solution or as an on-premise DocuWare.   Their solutions are highly secure and scalable, flexible to integrate and use future-proof technologies. Easy Installation. And as a DocuWare provider, we have a management roadmap to help you understand how a good document process management saves money and encourages efficiencies.  Your employees will be more productive, operations will be easier and faster, and more work will get done. On Site Training. You will get the highly efficient beginning-to-end assistance to help you through the stages of assessment to the integration and you and your staff will get the training and support to ensure maximum usage in your company. No Downtime. We also know you don’t want downtime.  Therefore, we make sure it doesn’t happen by making your roadmap work around your business operations. Faster and More Efficient Business Processes. Intelligent Indexing technology will help your employees with index and storing documents within seconds instead of spending hours on the process.  The integration will work flawlessly with your existing applications, like email, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. One-on-One Support for Your Staff. We know your staff needs to feel comfortable with DocuWare to use it and give you a good return on your investment.  Therefore, we give them the education and skills to help them use it and then support them with hands-on training.

What? DocuWare isn’t just taking your office paperless and eliminating paper with digital files, but it’s a comprehensive system that converts all your documents: email, invoices, contracts, etc. – into a complete filed system.  It locates and captures your company’s documents, whether it’s a scanned in document or digitally formatted one and organizes it for you.  You have a consistent method for storing your documents so there is no searching for hours for one much needed document and shared documents are set up for collaboration, improving inner office communication.

Ware? DocuWare can be in the cloud or an on premise server.  With the cloud, you can store, search, display, download edit, and integrate documents without having software installed on a local computer.  Anywhere and at any time.  On premise installation comes with a flexible license model and various software modules to tailor the software to your business processes and needs. If you want more details on DocuWare, ask us about our Lunch and Learn on May 11th.  We would love the opportunity to show you how DocuWare can improve your business processes while saving you money on your bottom line.