Implementing the DocuWare Roadmap in 5 Steps

1.   Know your need: I’m sure you have a reason for wanting to add a document management system to your business. Perhaps, you’re frustrated with your operational processes and you want to make your employees work time more efficient. Or maybe you’ve recently had an audit and you were scrambling to find paperwork you knew you had, but pieces of it were scattered in four offices and two file rooms. Then again, your problem could just be you simply don’t have enough space for all your documents and your employees and you’re tired of watching the battle of paper vs. people.

Wondering if you have a need? Ask your Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, or Personnel departments. Or look at their desks. If you can’t see them for the mountains of papers or you get frustrated waiting on a document you asked for last week, it may be time to have document management in place.

2.   Presentation: Once your need is known, you have an idea what areas of your business benefit most from a document management system. Share your frustration with us. We want to hear the issues you are having so we know where to focus our energy on solving. Our presentation will be tailored to your business’ current archiving, processes and workflows, and how the solution will be integrated into your current Information Technology landscape, a roadmap on how the implementation will work and ease any concerns you have, and how the software will “feel” for your soon-to-be users. This meeting will include a live demo of a process scenario your business has. We recommend you invite all future users: management, IT staff, and administration to join to make sure this is a good fit for you.

3.   Working out the solution: You may not receive a proposal yet and that’s ok. Why? Because once you and our team start looking at your business’ big picture, it may be realized more processes and/or programs need to be integrated into the final solution. Perhaps older documents should be scanned in to make the most comprehensive document access. Moving forward, you may need to invest in a detailed workshop, but it’s worth it. After the 2-4 day workshop going through your business implementation, you will walk away with knowledge on how the issues are solved, the solution going into the future, and how the implementation will take place. Once we have a detailed comprehension of how your business works with its’ documents and are confident we can make the document management process benefit you, we are ready to give you a true proposal.

4.   Proposal and Purchase: Once we have an intricate understanding, your proposal should have the prices for software, hardware, and all services included. It should be easy for you and your team to read, understand, and it should describe how your company can reach its desired benefits and goals. If you agree to all terms, our team is experienced, knowledgeable of the latest document management technology and ready to implement your business from paper to paperless.

5.   Implementation and Training: We make sure our document management implementation doesn’t noticeably disrupt your daily operations. Once implementation is done, training for your users will begin. You will want to choose an “organizer”. Your IT team isn’t always going to be available to handle a quick change to the configuration, so assign someone who has a basic IT understanding and can be made the DocuWare Organizer for your business.   Our solutions are very user-friendly and training the Organizer and your users will only take 1-3 days. Your complete document management system should be ready within a week.

Suggestion: To ensure your document management systems stays successful and your investment gives you a better return on investment, please schedule a Review Workshop after 6 to 12 months.