10 FAQs back-to-basics when buying your copier multifunctional printer MFP

In our industry we get asked a lot of questions and because we want to ensure our products fit your business needs, we love answering them. Here is a short list of questions we receive and we hope sharing our knowledge helps you with your office equipment purchasing decisions.

1. What is the difference between a copier and an MFP? Aren’t they the same?
A standalone traditional copier does just that, copies. Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) are capable of scanning, printing, faxing, and copying. Users can send documents wirelessly to print and documents can be scanned and emailed to other people on the network. We still offer copiers, but mainly, MFPs offer more bang for the almighty dollar. And no, copiers and MFPs aren’t the same, but the term copier is widely used when referring to an MFP.

2. What sizes can I copy?
Most copiers can copy and print up to 8.5x14in (legal size). However, if you need larger sizes to be copied, scanned, or printed; make sure to ask your sales representative for a copier that has a capacity of 11x17in (tabloid size) or higher.

3. What type of brands do you sell?
We specialize in selling Sharp, Ricoh, and Kyocera copiers/MFPs. We have been business partners with Sharp for over 25 years. Kyocera is great for our customers who need a low volume MFP. And Ricoh offers consistent reliable technology that is guaranteed to raise productivity, lower total operating costs, and safeguard mission-critical information.

4. How much does a copier cost?
As with most investments, a lot of factors go into the cost of a copier/MFP. The paper size capacity, speed, black and white or color capabilities are all the main decisions you, the buyer, will need to decide when choosing. For MFPs, there are also add-ons you can customize to fit your needs, like a fax option. Our sales representatives are experienced with assisting you with the buying process, including what your business needs are and how to stay within your budget.

5. Does it make color copies?
If you’re interested in color, make sure the copier you’re shopping for says color in the description. A lot of color MFPs, like the Ricoh MP C4503 shown, will have color in the name or description, but always ask your sales representative to verify.

6. How many copies can I make?
When deciding on a copier/MFP, make sure the monthly number of copies you intend to be placing on the machine matches how much the copier can handle. Manufacturers design copiers and their parts for particular maximum monthly numbers of copiers. Higher volume copiers have a more rugged construction and if you’re using a copier for copy volumes beyond their design capacity, it could cause the copier to malfunction.

7. How quickly does it copy?
When you read a description of the copier/MFP there will be a number before the ppm (pages per minute). The faster the rate, the costlier it can be. The speed of a copier consists of the time it takes to put out the first copy and the time per copy after that. Therefore, if your business requires just a few pages being printed at a time, a higher speed isn’t necessary.

8. Can I connect a copier to my computer network?
A copier doesn’t need to be hardwired to a computer to be able to print. An MFP can be placed on your network and added as a printing option to the computers you choose. Work with your Information Technology staff to get set up correctly and if you have any questions, we have experts ready to assist.

9. Can the copier fold and staple?
Some can. If you foresee a need for an MFP/copier that can fold and staple, let your sales representative know so the right machine is chosen for your business.

10. Where can I get technical support?
Copiers and MFPs can be intimidating or frustrating when the display starts blinking or you have never changed toner before. When you purchase your machine from us, we stay only a phone call away to take alleviate your frustrations quickly and easily. Our technicians are trained on every machine to ensure your copier’s issue doesn’t become your business’ problem. We offer a 4-hour response time during business hours. This means that from the time you report a need for service, one of our technicians will be at your location within 4 business hours, prepared to fix the problem.