Office Equipment for the Ideal Small Business

You have fifteen or fewer employees and you have taken everything into account for making your business as productive as possible. The office has lots of ambient light, big windows, lush green plants, thoughtful artwork, and personalized spaces. However, have you thought about your office equipment playing a big part in your employees’ productivity? Proper office equipment that works efficiently is important for a productive office too. These 6 items help you provide your employees’ with the proper tools to be successful.
1. One Centralized Multifunctional Printer. The first benefit of an MFP is not having to find space for a copier, scanner, fax machine, and a printer, because it’s all in one. Having a workhorse like that in the middle of your office creates ease of use and also helps you watch the print count. An MFP has the ability to even retrieve documents from the cloud or from your server. We suggest Ricoh or Sharp as your MFP choice because of the companies’ longevity in the industry and their cutting edge technology.
2. Cloud Scanning Capabilities. Statistics say, “Almost half of employees spend 50% or more of their time working from non-traditional locations.” It’s no surprise businesses are looking for an easier way to get information more easily accessible for all employees. With many MFPs today, you can convert scanned documents into digital, editable, searchable files that can be printed, emailed or shared.
3. Cost Recovery Software. Want to watch your employees’ spending and make them accountable for their use of office technology? As well as tracking for work done for clientele? Cost Recovery Software can be installed on most printers, copiers, faxes, and MFPs. We suggest TechSource 360 or PaperCut due to their success with customers and being easy to use.
4. Document Management Software. Small businesses can benefit from document management software, like Docuware, which allows for team collaboration, less paper being printed so your printers aren’t used needlessly, and making your filing easier. Other benefits include increased document security and control, improved timeliness, and built-in regulatory compliance.
5. Managed IT Services. There are some big plusses to outsourcing your IT with managed services. You can control IT costs so you’re only paying for what you need when you need it. You have freedom of not having to hire and train an IT staff and if IT isn’t your specialty, are you completely comfortable hiring someone to be in charge of your IT? Qualified doesn’t mean experienced and when you hire managed IT services you get a team of professionals who aren’t surprised or “stumped” at your issue, but more than confident at fixing it.
6. A Reputable Service Company. Great equipment and software will last a long time to get you where you need, but to guarantee it, you need a professional service team that can back it up. We suggest you look at us for service. Go here to check out our blog about service quality and dependability. We always ensure your service company puts you first, with little downtimes, and have experienced technicians to get you back up and running.