AAA’s One Stop Shop: Britt Dickerson

Do you remember the computer technology of the 1990’s? Intel’s Pentium microprocessor was released in the middle of the 90s, giving the capabilities of music and graphics on computers. With the Apple’s Newton being shipped out for the first time, Apple enters the PDA market with handwriting recognition software. And the early to mid- 90’s, our Britt Dickerson was introduced to computer technology. During the 90’s, computer technology was not taught in schools, but by tearing apart outdated machines you were lucky to get your hands on. Britt states, “After going to computer fairs, you would meet someone who lived close by and then you would learn computer technology together.” Therefore, Britt learned all he could about computers until he was capable enough to start helping other people fix theirs. “At that time period,” Britt remembers, “my little town didn’t have a computer repair shop. You either had to go to the big city or call someone like me.” Hours were spent trying to figure out the solution to a computer issue and, today, those then time consuming issues are a simple fix. Over time, Britt became more of an expert in the technology field and he moved to Rogers, AR. After moving, Britt was looking for a job in the field he loved. His father, who was once the Operations Manager, Sales Representative, and Service Manager of a local copier company in Bentonville, spoke to him about AAA Business Systems. AAA Business Systems, his dad told him, “was one of [his] biggest and best competitors with their service hard to beat.” It just so happened that AAA had an ad in the paper for a computer repair and copier tech. “I thought, ‘well, I am half way there.’ So I dressed up in my Sunday best and went down and applied. I left the rest in the hands of God,” Britt states.
Leaving it to his faith was a good plan, since Britt has been with AAA since 2007 and is currently our Help Desk, and IT Support. Over his time with AAA, Britt has continued his education in technology to stay abreast of the industry changes, including remote services. Britt recently added TeamViewer remote services to the AAA website to help AAA’s customers one step further. “It seems the older I get I am a forever student. I enjoy reading about and experimenting with technology,” Britt states. Britt is also part of AAA’s delivery team. He is one of the members who will deliver new equipment to your office, set it up with the features and functions you need, and get it reporting on our FMAudit system which allows us to monitor when you need toner and even supplies us with a meter so we never have to bother you for one. When Britt isn’t saving customers from unwanted computer problems or delivering new machines, he enjoys spending time with his family. He is married with five kids and, although, most of them are all grown, except for one teenager, Britt and his wife “tinker” around the house, go out for the evening, or visit their grandchildren. All in all, Britt is a one stop shop, from delivery and setup to remote support when you need it. AAA is very fortunate to have his expertise in our family.