FM Audit: The What, The Benefits, and The Prevention of Issues

Your brand-new copier or printer was just put in place. It has bells and whistles with its shiny curves. Your AAA delivery team stand in front of it, typing in codes and it responds happily to their demands. They mention something to you about FM Audit, but you’re too much in love over the possibility of how many overdue projects you and this pretty printer are going to finish together that you are barely listening. Your AAA delivery team leaves and you get two get busy to work, never again thinking about FM Audit…that is, until someone, months later, tells you that it’s installed and you think back to that delivery day. So here is a quick breakdown for those of you who were smitten with all the overwhelming beauty our copier and printers bring to your day and the accomplishments to your deadlines.
FM Audit is installed on your copier when you purchase from us. The software allows us to get daily meters and toner levels. Currently, we push those meters once a month into our E-Automate systems. The next day meter requests are emailed, faxed, or a call list is created for those customers who we did not get a report from.
The biggest advantage to you is we don’t interrupt your workday for meter readings. Other advantages are the daily reports on your toner levels, unless you do an unusually high run of prints, which is not common, you don’t run out of toner. We deliver the toner to you; therefore, you don’t have to warehouse it and it comes directly from our temperature controlled environment to ensure you receive a great product.
We suggest that all your copier/printer fleet is getting plenty of use to prevent issues. When printers sit idle for long periods of time, the toner or ink dries up before you use it. This can cause monetary waste in products and your utilities, along with taking up real estate in your office. Also, make sure you’re checking volumes to “right-size”, which means the right unit with the right location.
We always want to make sure you stay in love with your copier or printer from our office, it’s why we take so much time training our technicians to be the best on our equipment lines. If you have any questions about your fleet, FM Audit, or how to prevent issues; please let us know. We are always ready to assist.