ARE you a #BARGAIN SHOPPER? #blackfriday2019 #cybermonday2019


This past weekend was Black Friday, and today is Cyber Monday. How many of you went shopping and snagged up some of those bargains out there? I know I did.  Do you know what makes the best bargain shopper? It’s someone who goes out and does the research on the front end knows what the best bargains are, where to get them, and then ultimately goes out and purchases. The same applies to our companies.  If you have a contract that is coming up and you are taking your current technology vendor’s word that they have the best bargain for you and you’re not going out and shopping or researching, you’re not doing yourself or your company any justice.  If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  If your current technology vendor is hitting you up with the bargain of the century, research it before you agree.  If you’re shopping for a new technology vendor, give us a call and allow us to meet your needs.