Value Differentiation


We have a potential client who has made us one of three office technology vendors they are looking to partner with. He asked me a common question and I thought many would benefit the answer: what separates you from the others? I answered him with this three-part answer.
1.) We are locally owned and operated. Others claim to be local, but the reality is that they have a local sales office. Their corporate office is located out of state, and every dollar you spend leaves our local economy and funds theirs.
2.) Our service department is renowned. We currently have 11 service techs that have an average tenure of 14 years experience, and that’s rare. At the heart of AAA Business Systems is our Service department.  Our owner, Wade Timmermann, started his career in the office technology industry as a service technician 35 years ago; therefore, every client we partner with gets our utmost best service.  Our technicians are regularly tasked with new training and certifications to stay the best in their field.
3.) We are proactive with our service repairs.  When our service team goes out to fix the smallest of issues, like a paper jam, our service technician goes through a complete diagnostic checklist. During this diagnostic, they will replace any worn down parts and prevent potential problems before the machine becomes problematic or goes down. Our clients prefer our proactive approach because they rarely have downtime interrupting their businesses.

These are things to look for when shopping for your next office technology vendor. They should bring you value. If you’re considering more information about AAA Business Systems and the value we bring to a partnership, contact us. 800-909-4185