Leasing Benefits

Leasing can sometimes make the most sense for your business, however it’s not always painless.  Our AAA Team tries to make the process as easy as possible with flexible terms, one monthly static payment, cost control, no capital outlay upfront, and your Accounting department can expense the monthly lease payment each month.  This is to make it easy to enjoy the benefits of leasing.  What are the benefits?

Leasing Benefits:

Keep Your Technology Current.  Technology hardware and software frequently changes and older technology becomes obsolete.  When you have a lease, your business can seamlessly upgrade and/or add more beneficial products without any financial burden to you.

Payments Stay Static.  Keep your budget predictable with a payment that doesn’t change.

No Upfront Cost. Get newer, more sophisticated technology without tapping into your business savings.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition.  Don’t let your business’ hard work stop with old equipment.  While some equipment may not be affordable for a small business while they are growing, leasing makes it possible.

AAA Business Systems Builds Supplies into Your Lease.  Don’t stress about making sure you have toner, ink, or any other pertinent supply that keeps you up and running.  We build it into the lease so you don’t have to worry about it.

Some things to consider:

AAA Business Systems has an operating lease.  What does that mean for you?  Operating leases are generally more popular among small businesses because they don’t dip deep into the budget and are usually short term.  AAA Business Systems, Inc., retains ownership, and for tax purposes, the equipment is considered a monthly operating expense rather than a depreciable asset.

AAA Business Systems offers a buyout option.  You have a choice between a fair market value (FMV) option and a $1 buyout option.  FMV means you can buy the equipment at the lease’s end for its fair market value.  However, a $1 buyout option means the equipment is yours for $1 when the lease expires.  Please note, the monthly payments on the FMV leases are usually lower than the $1 buyout leases.  If you’re considering upgrading when your lease expires, the FMV may be the better option for you.

Does the equipment have to be insured?  Not always. All that’s needed to waive the insurance requirement is an Acord certificate from your carrier showing AAA Business Systems, Inc. as a loss payee.

Can I add to the lease?  Yes!  Your lease payment will be recalculated accordingly and the lease terms don’t usually change.

Can I terminate the lease early? If you no longer need the equipment you’re leasing or you want to upgrade to newer technology sooner than expected, AAA Business Systems can work with you.

And one of the best reasons to lease: Don’t tie up large amounts of business funds when you can put the money to work inside your business in other places to help you grow.