STOP. Beware Black Friday copiers and printers!

In a past blog, we wrote about how buying from a dealer makes financial sense. Our customer, Shelley Parson, agency owner of Farmers Insurance Company stated in the review we recently posted that she went through lots of printers from big box stores before deciding to purchase from us. We’re glad she did, because we enjoy having her as a customer and she loves the service and support we give to her equipment. Plus, if her equipment goes down and repairing it will take longer than our guaranteed time we give a compatible loaner to keep her work progress going while we repair. That’s just something you don’t typically get from a big box store.

We partnered up with Ricoh this year when our owner, Wade Timmermann, came aboard and brought his long-standing relationship with Ricoh with him. We offer Sharp, as well, but today’s focus will be on the benefits Ricoh offer in its equipment. On their website, under centralized printing, Ricoh boldly states, “Companies typically experience savings of up to 30% when they implement our print recommendations.” We can testify how finding the right machine for your workload and placed in a centralized area saves so much on the bottom line. And with the way Ricoh builds its machines, you can rest assured that it will hold up longer and for more people than what you could have purchased at a box store. For large and/or production style jobs, Ricoh boasts of:

• High speeds and incredible image quality
• High volume professional output, like, bulletins, newsletters, presentations, brochures, quickly and efficiently
• Automated and simplified print productions with integrated workflow software solutions like, Ricoh TotalFlow Prep, Print and Production Managers, and BatchBuilder.
• Dependable long runs with production printers loading up to 12,650 sheets and running them easily

What about for the one to two sheets? Even their small black and white laser printers, offer high speeds at 62 ppm, with high quality and a large paper capacity of up to 2,600. You can even print on thick paper, in case card stock is more your style.

All of this is to say that shopping at a box store is a great for your office paper supplies, but when it comes to your equipment, look to an office equipment dealer to have your back from a printer fleet to a centralized MFP. You won’t be disappointed.