Why Purchasing Your Copier from an Authorized Dealer Makes Financial Sense

I’m sure the “low price of…” is pretty eye-catching when you’re searching for a copier. You may have found a “great deal!”. Or you’ve caught yourself saying: “seems too good to be true”. However, there are reasons why many prefer to shop at authorized dealers in comparison to buying their copier at a discount store or used online and it all boils down to their bottom line.
Support. When you shop with an authorized dealer, you’re getting a full, knowledgeable support team ready to assist. When Carol two offices over keeps jamming up the hallway copier, you have someone to call. Things happen that can’t be prevented, but they can be planned for. Look for experience in technicians and convenience with ways to get support. With AAA, most of our technicians have over 30 years’ experience and are constantly learning the new equipment and training to stay abreast the ever changing technology. And you can always easily contact us via email or call through Facebook and our website. Not to mention, each has the capability to have access to our e-Automate system where they can input in their service call requests.
Supplies. The supplies needed for a copier are able to break the bank. What happens when you don’t have your supplies built into your deal? A lot of nickel and diming on your part and usually at high markups. And an authorized dealer will sometimes host a maintenance and supplies promotion for their copiers, like our current new customer promo. We also keep your supplies in stock and ensure they are quickly delivered to make sure you have little to no downtime. Therefore, you don’t need to leave the office for a toner run, we have you covered.
Longevity. Like a car, a copier with the right supplies and support should last longer than its counterpart. You can expect an investment in a copier from an authorized dealer to give you 5-7 years; whereas, you may get 18 months from a copier at a discount store. You can count on an authorized dealer, like AAA Business Systems, to give you the support you need, without allowing your supplies to break the bank giving you a better return on your investment. And while that first low price at the discount store sounds like a steal, take some time and run the numbers, ask us for a proposal for a comparable copier and we guarantee you’ll like our final price more any discount store price.