PaperCut NG vs. PaperCut MF

Last week’s blog, we discussed what print management services are. This week we’re covering the difference between Papercut’s NG and MF.
Both include:
Easy and Fast Install – Installs in minutes and supports 5 to 500,000 users. Works on any platform like Linux, Windows, Mac, and Novell. Moreover, it automatically imports users from Active Directory, LDAP, and more.
Tracking and Controlling Unlimited Printers – see how many pages are being printed, by whom, and when. Papercut tracks users and their printed content with watermarks and digital signatures. Control how your users print by changing user behavior and setting user print quotas or budgets. It’s available for BYOD and Mobile printing.
However, when you upgrade from NG to MF, you receive:
Management of copy, scan, and print on your Multifunctional Printer (MFP) or Multifunctional Device (MFD) – same tracking and controlling we discussed above under Papercut NG, except Papercut MF includes printers and Multifunctional Printers. Also, administrators can see full reports of device activity from anywhere with a browser-based admin tool.
User Authentication with proximity swipe cards – No more unapproved print usage with validated access requirement through a swipe card or a login at the MFP’s display.
Find-Me-Printing – Print to a Global Print Queue, walk up to your printer and collect your document.
Secure Print Release – Secure documents won’t print until you’re present at your printer to release the print from the MFP display and retrieve.
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