Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard

Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboards are the next level of those drab business meetings. Sharp has designed a white board with breathtaking clarity in a convenient range of sizes. Our sales representative, Gregory Reeves gave an impressive tutorial on the screen sharing capabilities from your laptop to the Aquos. The Aquos Full HD 1080p TV is a “collaborative tool that comes in 60, 70, or 80 inches,” Greg states in the video.
The tutorial is about a common question Greg is asked in the field and it’s a “cool feature”.
Screen Sharing. Screen sharing is available from your laptop or mobile device. You just click on the app: Sharp Display Connect. This app was originally named Touch Display Link. It is a meeting support application that links the Sharp Aquos to a computer, tablet, or phone in a wireless LAN environment to allow you to share information.
To begin:
On the Aquos board, tap Sharp Display Connect link on the task bar, edit the user information and then start up as a participant. On your mobile device or laptop, click your app and enter in the IP address of the Aquos board. You should see the screen of your mobile device or laptop displayed on the Aquos board. Long gone are the days of a chalk board and poster boards for effective presentations.