Ins and Outs of SharpDesk

How far will your copier go to communicate with your computer? Quite far, actually. Our guys, Maurice and Britt install SharpDesk for our customers constantly for reasons like our Comptroller, Mary Jane, takes advantage of everyday – scanning into her Sharp printer and receiving the scans instantly. But with SharpDesk, you can do more than scan. Jay, AAA’s Solution Specialist, has all of the juicy details on how SharpDesk is beneficial for you, our customer.
First off, for those of you who aren’t familiar, SharpDesk is a desktop application designed to enhance the users ImageSEND and network scanning experience. It’s a standard application with all Sharp MFPs and, upon request, the app/icon is installed directly on our customers PC. From there, the features include:
Compose: Want to send a customer an excel spreadsheet, a word document, an image coversheet, and a PowerPoint presentation? You can combine over 200 file types into a single document for a simple package and compose page by page paper selection.
OCR: You have a PDF that you need to make changes to and no longer have the original word document? No problem. You convert hard-copy documents into editable files with embedded OCR capability.
Image Editing: Your marketing department needs to edit a photo and you don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom? You edit images and photographs with a range of drawing tools and touchup filters.
Compress: You need to email a coworker a large pdf and your email can’t handle how large it is so it won’t send? You compress PDF files to improve communications bandwidth and increase storage capacity. Plus, you get faster network communications with the memory space you’re saving.
Receive: As Mary Jane can attest to, with SharpDesk you can automatically receive, open, and save scans directly from your Sharp MFP or any TWAIN Compliant Scanner.
Manage: You want a great filing system? You can store, organize, and manage documents of any size and type without leaving your computer.
Search: Another great feature of a digital filing system is the search capability. You can find and retrieve scanned documents (utilizing metadata entered at the MFP) or any electronic file quickly and easily with the built-in search engine. This text search utility gives you results in thumbnails with a summary for faster recognition of the correct file.
Output: Want to print it, fax it, or email it easily? Just drag and drop the files and scanned documents.
“SharpDesk easily becomes a very powerful document distribution system that saves businesses time and money,” states Jay. Obviously, you can take a document from computer to printer, but sometimes, you need to have a document go from printer to computer and SharpDesk has your back.