10 Ways the Sharp Aquos Interactive White board surpasses its predecessors in the classroom

Not long ago the old, dusty chalkboards were being replaced with beautiful, clean white boards accessorized with markers designed for marking on the board and not all over you, the instructor. However, times have changed again and now teachers aren’t tethered to a board at all, but can move freely about a classroom, picking up dropped pens, tapping desks to regain a lost students’ attention all while still continuing on in the lesson. Read below for the top ten ways the Sharp Aquos board changes your classroom.

1. Share Homework on the board, digitally
2. Poll students with live results
3. Fill in worksheets live
4. Highlight important information in digital schoolwork or books for everyone to see
5. Access the internet to demonstrate websites supporting your lessons
6. Allow up to 4 team leaders to write simultaneously on the board during classroom project, study games, and math problems
7. Integrate PowerPoint for presentations
8. Walk around the classroom with a tablet to monitor class behavior while using the tablet to communicate live with the Aquos board
9. Collaborate with students’ mobile devices and the Aquos board
10. Students can send files with a connected mobile device to the Aquos board, which is great for presentations
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