DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing Isn’t The Dewey Decimal System

The Intelligent Indexing takes away filing documents by hand and has had global success with more than 300 customers and around 400,000 documents processed each month.  Think about what that will do for your long neglected file room.  Designed for small- to medium-sized business that processes hundreds of documents a month, Intelligent Indexing gives you the solution to finding everything easily again.  Intelligent Indexing allows you benefits of:

Quickly Storing Documents: The Intelligent Indexing looks for the correct indexing terms so all you need to do is click “Store” and the job is finished.  You can also check the indexing beforehand and make changes as you see fit.

Automatically Sorting Documents: The index terms used by Intelligent Indexing are also used with sorting criteria.  Finding the documents you need won’t be a day spent in the file room or searching through papers on your desk, but it’s a quick click to search by date, customer, invoice number, or similar. 

No more frustrating typing errors:  How often do you look through your file database and see letters moved around on words, dates misspelled, or questions marks in unprofessional places like contact: Karen ???.  Intelligent Indexing automatically transfers content from documents, so no typing errors and transposed numbers.  Fewer problems down the line and time spent on fixing them.

Space to Personalize: Intelligent Indexing will automatically search for the relevant index terms in the documents and you can either confirm the suggested terms or personalized them.  With the system’s built-in self-learning, Intelligent Indexing continuously picks up your preferences so that known document types can be automatically and safely stored in a very short space of time.  Pretty smart, eh?