Key Places Where a Sharp Aquos Board Should Be Allowed to Participate

You’re familiar with the bells and whistles of the Sharp Aquos Board. Like with the PN-L703B, with its large HD display, the ability to create and present content, the built-in collaboration support of up to 4 simultaneous users with interactive pens and 50 mobile devices. Plus, it connects to your copier/MFP and you have web conferencing options. If you haven’t heard about it, click for more here. But even with all the great features of a great presentation machine, you must wonder where does eye candy meet value in your workplace? Is the Sharp Aquos Board cost effective or just a conversational piece inside your business?
Here are 3 places where a Sharp Aquos Board should be invited:
1. Educational Institutions: Long gone are the chalk boards and replacing the whiteboards, the interactive white board brings about engagement in the learning environment. A huge plus side to this interactive whiteboard, it allows the instructor to move around the room preventing possible behavioral issues and ensuring attention longevity. More attention means better grades and better grades means a lower dropout rate.
2. Business Office Meetings: Due to the collaboration support of up to 4 people being able to write on the board at once, boring office meetings are gone and great brainstorming sessions have begun. Have a financial issue costing you money and you need your team on board for a fix? This board will pay for itself once you start using it in meetings, whether they are meetings over the web or in one room.
3. Presentations: A speaker at a conference may have suffered once from losing their guests’ attention after a few minutes, but the Sharp Aquos Boards allows the attendees to stay more engaged. And it’s easy to do so when you can live poll some individuals during the presentation with the interactive whiteboard supporting up to 50 mobile users. A great tool to pair with all your hard work.
So there you have it, three places where the Aquos Board would feel right at home and should be given a warm welcome.