Technology in the Classroom: A+

The education industry is more focused on educating than on what efficient tools they need to run it. The expectations are set high and we understand that. Educators in schools, universities, and colleges need fast, reliable equipment to print their countless sets of worksheets, but not be charged a ton of money. Cost effective is key so the money can be spent on what’s important – the student. Here is a great video from Sharp that discusses this.

Aside from the benefits with a smart choice in an Multifunctional Copier, as seen above, Sharp shows a great success story in this video of the Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard. Today’s youth often use mobile devices for both work and play, and if the classrooms neglect similar technology, teachers may find it hard to mentally stimulate the students. Sharp Aquos allows a low investment to make a big impact on integrating technology into the classroom.

Where would we be without print control with ideal technology in a school? It cuts down on uncollected prints, complications with out of control mobile device printing, teachers sharing the same print devices with students, and problems with unauthorized printing. We suggest PaperCut to be installed on your Multifunctional Copier. Easy to install and run software designed to cut waste, track printing, and help you save money. PaperCut implements user policies, enforces better printing behaviors, easily and safely print from mobile devices, and print from any device with a ID card that allows you to securely release documents when you’re ready for them. Aside from the benefits listed, watch the video below for great testimonials from successfully integrated schools.