Paper Margin Shift

You have mere moments before you’re late to your next meeting. You rush to the copier, your coffee swishing dangerously close to the edge with each stride you make. Your hands are laden heavy with documents and you just need one copy of a chart. You unload your burden to a desk nearby and make the copy. Your eyes constantly flicking up to the clock above your head. The print comes out of the copier and you glance down at it and half the chart you needed for this meeting has fallen off the edge of the paper. You incoherently start mumbling no and you try to figure out how to fix it.
Now if this dilemma is yours, yesterday we posted a video tutorial in which our service technician, Andy Windenburg, demonstrates an easy fix for the problem described above. As Andy states in the video, “often your paper guides are not set right in your paper tray.”
The cause? Generally, the paper tray is closed too hard when its being reloaded with paper.
The solution? Prevent this by closing the paper tray or drawer gently. However, when you run into that paper margin error and need that copy fast, Andy suggests you move the tray so all sides are touching the paper snugly. Print your copy again, and this should fix your problem. Now you can still make it to your meeting on time with a fix that only costs you 30 seconds.