4 Reasons to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Here are four reasons to take time and put a disaster recovery plan in place. What seems like something that can be put off now, will pay you huge dividends later to not put it on the back burner.

  1. Hardware Fails – Most equipment in businesses are a mix between old and new. The old motto “If it’s not broken, why fix it” is one we live by. However, machines still fail from time to time, especially when the hardware doesn’t match the demands of your workflows. The less expensive option and most sensible one is to back your data up regularly. In case the hardware fails you, your business won’t suffer with data loss.
  2. Software Fails – It’s not just the hardware that has the possibility to cause data loss, but the software can cause computer crashes too. Trojans, viruses, and the list goes on for security breaches. You can request your employees stay only on secure sites or put up blocks to ensure they do, but occasionally breaches do happen and you need a disaster recovery plan for your data in case of emergency.
  3. Power Outages – Computers aren’t made for sudden disconnects from power. Damages occur in the hardware elements of a computer. If power outages occur, especially often, with your company, planned and regular backups are a must. Don’t place all your backups on just one physical device either. Consider a secure cloud backup for your data, as well, to prevent issues with hardware malfunctions happening with your servers causing data loss.
  4. Natural Disasters – No one ever goes into business thinking a fire, flood, or tornado is going to take out their companies’ work, but living in Arkansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma you know better than most how much natural disasters can tear down a business in a heartbeat.