Strategizing by Digitizing

Catchy title, huh? In the past, we have covered all the pros to taking your old dusty filing cabinets to a digital workflow, making your office more efficient and your bottom line a little lighter. I posted an article a couple of days ago about the security that comes with paper management processes benefitting universities, along with many other markets. One strategy that universities are using “is pulling back files out of filing cabinets and scanning them into workflows and storage” by doing this improper use of access becomes more difficult for unauthorized personnel or the loss of information. However, it’s not all about security, is it? Maybe your first desire is to get rid of all that paper. Or maybe there is a lack of communication between departments and its hurting employee morale or your customer support is suffering*. These can be just as detrimental to your business as security issues. So, is it easy to start becoming paperless? DocuWare claims it is, and we have had many customers who can attest to this. Let’s just cover how to get the ball rolling in incorporating a digital process to your everyday workflow:

DocuWare suggests you start with the Document Management Roadmap. It is a strategic approach to ensure you get the best out of document management. You don’t get the same experience from us as you would a pizza delivery driver, we don’t drop off the equipment and leave. Like with our office equipment, we set it up and train. Docuware and AAA partner with our clients for start-to-finish guidance and expertise in the latest document management. Docuware has a five-step process for you and your employees that begins with Orientation and ends with Implementation and Training. Click here for a complete breakdown of the Document Management Roadmap. And if you’re ready to learn more, ask our expert Kenny Rohrbach for more information.